Hand-tracking vs Controller-tracking

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Study description

This is an application made for the Oculus Quest with the intention of testing hand-tracking in various scenarios. We are posting our application on here for testing since the recent coronavirus crisis have forced us to work from home, thus not allowing us to go outside and test it with participants at our university.

We have another similar app with the difference being that it uses controller-tracking instead of hand-tracking. If you are interested in installing and trying this app, we would appreciate it if you would install the controller-tracking app in order to compare the two ways of interactions. The “Go to project” button will start a download of a zip file containing both our APKs. In case you prefer to use SideQuest we have provided a link to both our projects on SideQuest below.

If you decide to install and try these apps, we have a Discord server that you can join, if you have any questions or want help, by clicking the button below.

Before you start the experiment we would like for you to read this very short document, for guidance of how to proceed with the experiment, by clicking the button below.

Trying both applications and answering the questionnaires will take roughly 20-25 minutes. We appreciate it if you would take the time to try our apps and fill out of documents since this would really help us in gathering data for our master thesis. In the Discord server we will be available if you have any questions or issues.

Participant requirements

No requitements given.


Medium (20 - 44 mins)


Participants are uncompensated

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