STEM Education through Mars colonization (VR)

excerpt of Two Mars gameplay
Excerpt of Two Mars gameplay

Hi. Me and a my colleague are writing our master thesis on educational learning through VR. For the thesis we made a VR prototype game called Two Mars where players play as early colonizers on Mars and apply theory to solve practical tasks. Though, due to Covid-19 it’s fairly hard to get test users as we cannot host sessions with users. This is a small cry for help where we hope some of you could give us some feedback. We have created two options for helping:

1) Play the prototype and answer a questionnaire 
2) watch a video and answer a questionnaire.

PS: The game is a two player game, so if you do not have anyone else to play with, please contact us and we will join you 🙂 thomsma(at)

We just added an English translation to the game, but the video only has English subtitles. Everything can be found at:

Short description of Two Mars:

The game is a two-player game where one plays as a Colonist on Mars’ surface and the other as Satellite Control. None of the players can see each other, they only have voice communication at their disposal. Their goal is to finish a set of daily objectives within a strict time schedule. To do so the Colonist has to perform all the tasks, while the Satellite Control inhabits all the theoretical information to do so.

Target audience and goal:

This research is targeted at High School students that study natural science, or for those who find interest in those subjects. Two Mars is intended to teach players STEM-subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


The game is fully created in Unity where we have modeled almost every 3D object in Sharp3D. The game runs on Photon Bolt for network connectivity and Dissonance Voice Chat for voice communication. We use SteamVR, so most headsets should work. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss the subject, feel free to ask! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps us.


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