VR games control systems


I’m a student in process of getting master degree. My groupmates and I made a prototype of a game for HTC Vive called Little Help to Little Prince.

Now we really need you to play it and complete the survey.

We are studying intuitivity and relevance of using space-positioning of motion controllers as part of game’s controls.

It will also help us if you have played games like Blueshift or Omega Agent before, they are available on Steam.

Our game is inspired by The Little Prince novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Its a very short game, main goal of which is to put 10 baobabs in each of three volcanoes on the map.

You have basket to put baobabs in, you can reach out with your hand to grab baobab without walking too close to it.

You can also fly upward and forward using jetpack, rotating motion controllers to control speed.

You need to walk around your room freely to play the game. Other VR headsets are not supported properly, so be sure to run it on HTC Vive only.

Thank you very much for helping us!

Link for downloading the game: https://yadi.sk/d/RYNh6F2jPlqQ7w

You need to download whole folder and run an .exe file

the survey:


It also would help us a lot if you were to record your walkthrough and leave a link in a feedback section of the survey, though it is not necessary


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