Relationship between embodiment and agency in a VR assembly application

Study description

Welcome to our embodiment agency VR experiment. This user study investigates how different types of self-avatars affect embodiment and agency in a virtual environment. The study is complete voluntary, and it takes approximately 30 minutes. In this experiment you will need to download our application and finish the questionnaire. Your personal data will be kept confidentially and will not be exposed to any one besides the researchers.

In the beginning there will be a consent form that all participants need to agree and sign. After you signed the consent form and finished the demographics section, you will see two download links for the VR application. You can either run the application on your PC with Oculus Rift or on your Oculus Quest through installing on SideQuest.

When you are running the application, there are six different scenes you will need to go through. Please complete the task on each scene and then take your HMD off and complete that scene’s part of the questionnaire. In the end there will be a password provided to you in the application. Please remember that password and input it in the questionnaire.

We would like to appreciate your for participating our experiment. If you have any questions please email Dixuan Cui at IRB protocol number is 2020-989.

Participant requirements

No requirements given.


Medium (20 - 44 mins)


Participants are uncompensated

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