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Study description

Hello, I am Ross and I am currently carrying out a research project for one of my classes at university and I am in need of volunteers that possess VR equipment to help me by carrying out a small task that will take roughly 15 minutes.

My research is based on the application of visiting museums and other attractions in a virtual space, and I have created a small virtual museum in Unity as a rough proof of concept.

All I need now is for people to try it out and explore it for 2 minutes (it is unfortunately very small) then fill out a survey about your experience. It is very easy and should not take long, but I need to get a substantial number of volunteers for data analysis and social distancing in my country restricts in person volunteering.

If interested please email me at ross.jack.2016@uni.strath.ac.uk

I would be grateful for every volunteer I can get so please consider helping. Thank you

Participant requirements

Oculus VR headset


Short (0 - 19 min)


Participants are uncompensated

Recruitment ends

November 24, 2020

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