“Dead Science”: Orientation and Minimaps in Small Spaces

Study description

You wake up in an abandoned underground research facility. Find the hidden power links and reconnect them to the infrastructure to make your escape.

I’m Rafael from the University of Hamburg, and Dead Science is the experiment I’m running for my master’s thesis. It explores the way you interact with minimaps when finding your way through a maze of rooms with different layouts.

See the linked website for more info – or get in touch with me via 2epplee [at] informatik.uni-hamburg.de 🙂

Participant requirements

To play Dead Science, you need:

  • A SteamVR Device (Vive, Vive Pro, Index)
  • Should work with Oculus devices, not tested
  • A 2x2m tracking space
  • Windows with network connectivity
  • 10-20 minutes of free time (please play until the end, or we won’t be able to use your sample)

Please try not to move your head through walls! This might break some essential mechanics of the game.

A note for Oculus users: At the start of the game, stand in the center of your tracking space and reset your position by holding the Oculus button on your controller. If you have trouble reaching something during the game, you might have to reset your position again.


Short (0 - 19 min)


Participants are uncompensated

Recruitment ends

December 20, 2020

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