Reverberant audio in a VR Horror game

Study description

This study looks at how different reverbs effect us in an object finding task in VR.

You will be placed in a world with only a torch, you will hear the sounds of a findable object around you. Your task is to find these objects as quickly as possible.

There are six of these per room, upon collection you will be taken to the next room. This will be indicated to you by a number.


Controls: Left stick to move, use your hands or body to hit the objects. Look around using your head, or right stick for quicker movement where needed.

Participant requirements

An Oculus VR headset and is required for this study.
You should also use headphones or earphones, in the questionairre you will be asked to note the model used. Oculus link must be used for Oculus Quest Devices for now.

Please download the game file below, unzip this and in the folder you will find a .exe to launch.
After this you will be asked to play through an object-finding game with eight levels on your headset. At the end of this, a questionairre will automatically pop up on your PC for you to fill in.

Please do not rush, the first level is only to get you aquanted with the game controls and to sort your local audio levels. After this we will be collecting data on how long it takes for you to find these.



If the questionnaire does not immediately pop up, or you have any other issues, please email me at




Medium (20 - 44 mins)



Recruitment ends

February 1, 2020

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