High Intensity Circuit Training in VR


Thank you for visiting my study page. I am looking for participants for my master thesis study. Your participation would help me a lot. The study takes place inside VR (Virtual Reality) and does not take more than 20 minutes. We will not send any data without your consent and you can abort the study at any time.

As a reward for your participation, we give away one 50€ Amazon Gift Card under all participants. Further details, on how to participate in the raffle will be shown at the start of the study. You can only participate in the raffle if you are at least 18 years old. The competition starts on 8th March 2021 and ends on 30th April 2021.

Study description

In this study, you will complete an assisted High Intensity Circuit Training inside Virtual Reality. By utilizing, the motion controllers and the headset, the application can track the repetitions of an exercise in real-time. Furthermore, the application will guide the user to the training by showing all the steps. For increasing motivation, various game elements were implemented in the prototype which however do not interfere with the workout itself.


Participant requirements

To take part in the study, you need to have a Windows computer with a VR headset and 2 VR Controllers. You should be fluent in English since the instructions and questions are completely in English. During the study, your computer needs to be connected to the internet and you should be able to listen to the sounds of the application. It is recommended to wear sports clothes, hence you will engage in physical activity during this study. Please assure that you have enough free space to move freely and your headset has room-scale tracking enabled.

Since this study requires physical sports activity that might be exhausting, please only participate if you feel healthy and well-rested. In case you feel unwell during the study, please abort the study immediately

Before starting the application you need to turn on your VR device. By clicking on the “Join Study” Button, you will be redirected to the Website containing the download link for the application and with the same instructions. Please download the zip File and run the application. You should see instructions on your computer screen on how to continue. Finally, after completing the steps you can put on your VR headset with your controllers and be guided through the study inside VR. Please move on to the green arrow at the ground and look in the arrow direction. If the direction is not comfortable for your setup, press the menu button on your right controller to reorient the scene.


Medium (20 - 44 mins)


50€ Amazon Gift Card to one of the participants

Recruitment ends

April 30, 2021

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