Social Presence Study

Study description


The aim of this study is to validate a questionnaire that we have designed to measure social presence in mediated communication (i.e., through audio/video-conferencing, VR, AR, XR, etc.).


During the virtual meeting, you will be put into a group with two other participants. The task will involve making a candidate hiring decision task.

First, each of you will individually receive information about 4 candidates. Individually, you will rank the candidates in order of your preference for the job.

Next, you will have 15 minutes to discuss with your group members and decide which candidate is most suitable for the job. You can talk about the information you individually received but you cannot share the materials with each other.

Based on all the information available to your group, you need to arrive at an agreement about which candidate should be hired.

After the discussion, you will be asked to indicate your most preferred candidate.

The experiment

After registering, you will receive your experiment slot (date and time) and meeting link for the experiment in an email. Please arrive in virtual meeting at least 5 minutes in advance.

If you are not completely comfortable using the mediated communication tool (i.e., Microsoft Teams or Mibo), please familiarise yourself with it in advance.

At any time, if you would like to withdraw from the experiment, you can do so, without the need to provide a reason, and without further consequences for your reimbursement.


To thank you for your time and participation, after the experiment, you will receive a €15 gift card from us!

Data protection

All the data collected will be anonymised and treated in line with GDPR regulations.



Navya Sharan:

Participant requirements


To complete this experiment, you will need a computer with a functional camera and microphone, and a browser that supports Microsoft Teams or Mibo (


Medium (20 - 44 mins)


Euro 15

Recruitment ends

March 31, 2021

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