Authentication schemes in VR using HTC Vive Pro

This project is not currently recruiting participants

Study description

In this study we research authentication in VR. For this purpose, we developed an app that simulates authentication in VR with different controls, for the HTC Vive Pro. With the app, you will enter generated 4 digit pin codes using 6 different controls and fill out questionnaires after. In addition to the questionnaires, the app will create a Logfile(see below). During the study you will be in a Zoom call with a supervisor, who will explain the controls and study procedure to you and answer your questions.

The study will be ~1h long, but can take up to 1h and 20min. Each participant will be compensated with 10€.

If you don’t have an HTC Vive Pro, but live in Munich, you can also conduct the study at our lab.

You are interested in participating or have any questions regarding the study? Then please send a mail to


What is logged in the Logfile?

The Logfile logs the sequence of the authentication simulation and your controller inputs that affect the app as well as the point in time where you make the input. Additional entries in the logfile are derived from this information.  No other personal information is collected or saved.


Where can I download the app?

You will receive a mail with the download link, once we settle on a time to conduct the study.

Participant requirements

  • must be 18+ years old
  • must have access to an HTC Vive Pro
  • needs to be able to use Zoom while using VR
  • needs to download and use the authentication simulation app
  • must send the Logfile, created by the app, to the supervisor after the study
  • needs a bank account or PayPal to receive the compensation


Long (45+ mins)



Recruitment ends

May 31, 2021

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