Lifestyle assessment survey

Study description

I am looking for volunteer participants (aged 18-60) who would like to complete a survey for my master’s degree thesis in Science of Human nutrition.

It  is based on an observational retrospective study that compares the lifestyles of three groups of people :

1) Virtual reality videogamers;

2) Common videogamers (No Virtual Reality);

3) Control group (people who do not play any kind of videogames).


The data collected will be used in aggregated form for study purposes only.

If you know someone who could be interested, don’t hesitate to share the link below!

Participant requirements

Volunteers (aged 18-60) who would like to complete a survey on their lifestyle.

In particular, I need to collect data from:

  • VR Women players aged 18-60
  • Non-videogamer Men aged 18-60 (nor VR or regular videogames)

but all the responses that meet the requirements (age) will be accepted and included in my research.


Short (0 - 19 min)


Participants are uncompensated

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