Conducting remote research requires tools to enable data collection. This page provides links to useful toolkits, frameworks and code snippets for remote data collection

Remote research

Unity Auto Questionnaire
Unity script to launch a Google form questionnaire in your PC/Quest web browser. Useful for launching post-experience questionnaires at the end of an experience. Created by Louise Bryce

Unity Server Upload
Unity script to upload data from Unity to server. Useful for remote data collection, and especially for converting existing local data collection processes to work remotely. Created by Francesco Soave

Unity-to-WebXR Exporter
Build your Unity projects into WebXR projects to allow participants to access the experience from their web-browser, with no download or installation required. Includes download-and-run project for Unity to build from. Created by Mozilla Mixed Reality If you need to add player locomotion to this example, follow this guide.

General XR

IML Unity
An interactive machine learning framework for Unity3D. It allows developers the ability to use interactive machine learning in running games.

Recommend a tool

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